Outlets Management

VendPOS Cloud allows business owner to manage multiple outlets including sales monitoring, performance analysis, and inventory management.

Inventory Management

Inventory manager provides extensive capability to monitor and control the in and out flows of the stocks. Optional inventory tracking for stock in transit is also available.

Promotion Management

We provide a tailor-made solutions for managing promotional campaign on your stores. It also caters for predefined scheduled promotions, which can be useful for retail shops.

Integrated Payment

We are currently developing cashless payment system to be integrated to our POS hardware for seamless cashless transactions.

Electronic Invoices

To align with modern era of payment, VendPOS also offers a feature for electronic receipt via email, which is more practical and cost-efficient compared to conventional receipts.

Accounting Software

We partnered up with JURNAL, a secure online accounting software to covers your accounting system needs, including tax purposes.